LET Me FIGHT FOR YOU! Your matter is is important to me. I work with each client directly for the entire duration of the case.

-Joe D’Arezzo Esq.

personal injury

Have you been injured? Do you believe someone else is to blame? If so, call immediately to set up a consultation. Resolution Law specializes in these types of situations. Most clients pay no legal fees for these services. If you have been harmed, you deserve to be compensated. These matters can be complex and you need a trained attorney to work on your behalf.

criminal defense & DUI Representation

Have you had a recent brush with law enforcement or facing a DUI/ DWI? These situations can happen to the best of us and can sometimes be resolved with the help of an attorney on your side. When you are in trouble, you need someone who will fiercely fight for you. You need someone in your corner. Call today to discuss your matter and how Resolution Law can help defend your freedoms.


Are you experiencing harassment or discrimination at your place of employment? This is a serious matter that unfortunately impacts far too many. Don’t let your rights go unprotected. Call or schedule an appointment to start pursuing justice.


Have you been denied a social security disability claim? This is not uncommon and many individuals that are initially denied eventually succeed in getting disability benefits after appeal. A skilled attorney working on your behalf during the appeals process may help you increase your likelihood of getting approval of benefits. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your appeal.

real estate

Real estate law in the United States and in the Commonwealth of Virginia is complex and highly detail oriented. Many people think they can figure it out on their own, only to find that they have made a serious mistake that cannot be easily undone. If you need to better protect your property interests, or if you are planning a real estate transaction, Resolution Law can help. Most real estate transactions are not adversarial but you still need someone who has your best interests in mind. Call today to discuss.

contracts and Transactions

Contract law is nuanced and difficult. Often, contract templates found on the internet can result in terrible results for those that use them. Do not delay in contacting Resolution Law if you have a contract matter that you would like legal consultation on. People all over the nation find themselves stuck in contracts that they wish they could get out of. Help protect your interests and call today, I am eager to hear about your situation.

Are you looking to regain your gun rights?  In order to accomplish this, there are important legal hurdles that must be addressed.  You need a competent attorney to help you through the process.  Reach out immediately to discuss how we can work together to help you restore your firearm rights. 

Resolution Law specializes in numerous other legal matters and can tailor services to meet your needs. Many legal matters are time sensitive so do not delay in calling Resolution Law to see how I may be able to guide you through your legal situation.

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