-Joe D’Arezzo, Esq.

Our Mission

Have you been injured? Wrongfully fired from your job? Engaging in a real estate transaction? Had a brush with law enforcement? Starting a new business? Or facing any other legal matter? Resolution law may be able to help. Don’t delay and call today. Time can be critical in legal matters, so take action now.

The goal of this firm is to provide personalized service that is tailored to your specific needs. I am directly involved with each case from initial consultation all the way through negotiations or trial. You are not just a file to me. If you want a one-on-one experience where you can have extended access to your attorney then you have come to the right place.


I recently worked with Joseph D’Arezzo, owner of Resolution Law, to update the contract for my business.  Joe helped me understand the existing contract and verbiage.  He walked me through the process of making changes that would better protect me and helped me outline things more concisely to my clients. Together we came up with a contract that protects me and my clients’ interests.

Joe’s attention to detail and his knowledge of the law were very helpful to me. His ability to articulate the best way to outline my particular contract that meets my specific business needs was extremely beneficial to me and after being in business for over 25 years, I feel I have a better grasp on my business contract than I ever had in the past.  

Thanks Joe for helping me tighten up my ever-growing business contract so that moving forward, I’m positioned where I need to be if ever an issue arises. I would highly recommend Resolution Law and Joseph D’Arezzo to handle any of your legal matters.

Joseph is exceptional.  As a client you are important and respected which translates to you being his foremost concern.  He vigorously defends and fights for you.  He is easy to talk to and willingly explains details and answers to questions. He clearly holds himself to a high standard.  I cannot speak more highly of his integrity and intelligence as a lawyer.  I would recommend his outstanding legal abilities to anyone no matter the size of the case. 


Mr. Joe D’Arezzo, Esq. assisted my family in a complicated case of theft, hostage and ransom of personal property. He assisted the police in our case and walked us through the delicate process of interpreting the law of organized crime. Mr. D’Arezzo presented the law in understandable terms and explained the sequence of events that could occur in our case. He acted as an interpreter between my family, the police department and the alleged criminal. Mr. D’Arezzo worked with us for months and continues to check on our well-being. Few people need attorneys but I can say that I have my attorney.